Schlagwerk Havana Shaker – Short

The Havana Shaker short (SK12) consists of two aluminum cigar tubes – original cigar tubes made in Germany which are otherwise shipped directly to Cuba. With a precisely defined shaker filling, the Havana Shaker short produces soft shaker sounds. The two tubes are connected with elastic bands. With additional separately available elastic bands (SKBand), several shakers can be strapped together to form larger shaker packs for further tonal gradations. Shake also the big brother of the Havana Shaker short – the Havana Shaker long (SK17).

Design: real cigar tube design

Body: two aluminium tubes

Exactly matched shaker filling

Measurements: approx. 2,5 x 5 x 12 cm

Premium components for best sound and best quality


Extendable with separately available elastic bands