Mooer Audio Interface Steep I

A multi-platform audio interface with support for high-resolution audio up to 24bit/192 KHz and combination microphone, line-in, and high-impedance value instrument support. Dual-channel outputs are also included as well as one USB-C port for power and one USB-C port for data transfer, that can also be used for power when connected to a PC. Both the Steep I and II include dual LED input level indicators, support for 48v phantom power, a stereo direct monitor button, and knobs to control main output volume, mix, and input gain levels.

Multi-platform audio interface with dual inputs and outputs
Supports up to 24bit/192kHz high-resolution audio
Microphone, line-in, and high-impedance value instrument support
48V phantom power available for condenser microphone
Zero-latency direct monitor and DAW monitor can be adjusted individually or mixed
Switchable stereo/mono direct monitor provides more possibilities for input signal monitor
Individual adjustment of monitor volume level and headphone output volume level
Can be powered via USB port or USB power supply